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Vanessa Lind 

Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle Expert

I was born in Stockholm, the beautiful capital of Sweden but am now living in Massachusetts with my fiancé and dog Max.

graduated from KTH royal institute of technology in Stockholm and worked in that field for a couple a years. I than had some musical years where I was studying classical piano at a conservatory.


Over the years I had been struggling to overcome several health issues with no success. One day I decided to take responsible in my own hands and that is when I started research in holistic healing, and discovered the power of food and its amazing benefits it had.


Later on my passion for health and wellness started to grow more and more and so I went on to earn my certificate in Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the Institute of integrative nutrition school in NYC.


After I had been researching and practicing holistic health for many years, more and more of my friends saw my success and wanted to know more about what I was doing.

That is when was conceived, a website offering anti-inflammatory lifestyle guidance, anti-aging advice, diet and nutritional information, healthy original recipes and exercise guidance.


My approach to health, wellness and beauty is by adapting an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

80 percent of our immune system is in the gut - most disease begins in the gut. 

If we feed our bodies with good nutrition then we can surely agree that we are on the right path to everything wonderful life has to offer.

Click here to learn more about my philosophy around thoughts, food and lifestyle.

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